Crowds protest Victorian lockdown in Melbourne

Crowds of people have gathered in Melbourne's CBD to protest Victoria's sixth lockdown.

Video of the rally showed people, many of them maskless, walking through the city on Thursday night and chanting "Free Victoria", "sack Dan Andrews" and "no more lockdown".

There was a strong police presence and footage shot by a protester appeared to show several people being arrested.

EXPLAINER: Everything you need to know about snap Victoria lockdown

A Victoria Police spokesman wasn't able to answer any questions about the protest.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced the "snap" lockdown on Thursday after the state recorded seven new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours.

"There are no alternatives to lockdown," he said.

"If you wait, it will spread. Once it spreads, you can never even hope to run alongside it, let along get out in front of it and bring it back down to zero or a low number of cases.

"This thing moves so fast. There is no debate or discussion about this – the Delta variant moves at lightning speed and by the time you get the people they have already infected, all the people they live with, all the people they work with, all the people they spend time with.

"We can't allow that to happen otherwise we are locked down until Christmas."

More to come.

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