Exclusive look inside New South Wales COVID vaccine warehouse

As New South Wales continues to fight its ongoing COVID war, 9News has been given an exclusive look inside the building holding the state's golden ticket out of lockdown.

Inside the Linfox Healthcare distribution centre, warehouse staff are currently working around the clock to get hundreds of thousands of the AstraZeneca vaccine doses out into the arms of the state.

With the company currently responsible for about 50 per cent of Australia's vaccine distribution, Linfox National Business Manager Michelle Slevin says the entire team takes their part "very seriously."'

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'It's life or death': Exclusive look inside New South Wales COVID vaccine warehouse

"There are a lot of people involved in making sure the vaccine gets to where it should be in arms," Ms Slevin said.

"We pack it into shippers and then load it into cold chain vehicles so that we can maintain the temperature between entire shipments."

The single Sydney facility alone handles around 500,000 vials a week.

Each vial is packed into boxes at a very precise temperature alongside individual GPS trackers and thermometers – each box's journey meticulously monitored.

If even the slightest problem goes wrong with the vial or shipment, response staff are alerted immediately.

"We live and breathe it – to us, its life or death." Linfox control room operator Lee Philips told 9News.

'It's life or death': Exclusive look inside New South Wales COVID vaccine warehouse

"We watch it continuously … we've got Armaguard that monitor the activity for us … for alarms that signal anything that's untoward, and the drivers are very professional."

Since the start of Sydney's recent outbreak seven weeks ago, New South Wales has doubled its vaccination rate with 40,000 jabs reportedly administered on June 16 compared to yesterday's recording setting 93,000 jabs administered.

The monster effort brings the state's vaccination total to 4.2 million and putting it on track to meet Premier Berejiklian's 6 million goals by the end of August.

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