Controversial $600 million car park fund to be investigated

A controversial $600 million car park fund will be examined by a Senate inquiry, after a scathing report by the Auditor-General and accusations of pork-barrelling from Labor.

The commuter car park program was part of the $4 billion Urban Congestion Fund, and largely funnelled money into marginal and Coalition-held seats the government hoped to win at the last election.

After a push by the Greens, the Senate has voted to refer the entire fund to a parliamentary inquiry, which will examine whether it met the "highest standards of governance and accountability" in the spending of public money.

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The inquiry will also examine any role the Prime Minister's office played in determining which projects received funding.

Last week, Scott Morrison refused to directly answer if he'd seen a list of "top 20 marginals" which the Audit Office revealed had been used to allocate money to projects in the lead up to the 2019 federal poll.

The prime minister declared Australians were "the winners" from the delivery of car parks.

Just two out of the proposed 47 car parks have been built since 2019.

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A week ago, former Infrastructure Minister Alan Tudge, who was responsible for the fund, denied knowledge of a list of top 20 marginal seats.

"The commuter car park sites were chosen on the basis of need, most of those were based in Melbourne, where the need was the greatest," Mr Tudge said.

The Auditor-General's report into the $660 million program found the selection process was not transparent, and was not appropriate.

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