George Christensen condemned for saying ‘masks do not work’

Labor and the Coalition have united in condemning rogue National Party MP George Christensen for claiming lockdowns and masks "don't work".

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese called the motion to condemn the Dawson MP, describing his views as "dangerous" and "insulting" to health professionals.

"The fact is when it comes to the rollout of the vaccine, our scientists have done a fabulous job," Mr Albanese said.

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In his speech shortly before question time, Mr Christensen demanded an "end to the madness" of COVID lockdowns.

"It's time we stopped spreading fear and acknowledge some facts," he said.

"Masks do not work. Fact, it has been proven masks make no significant difference in stopping the spread of COVID-19, lockdowns don't work.

"Lockdowns don't destroy the virus, but they do destroy people's livelihoods and people's lives."

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Labor MP Mike Freelander also slammed the comments.

"The Prime Minister was right, we have fantastic medical professionals, epidemiology, vaccines and we are very grateful to have them," he said.

"When I see people on any side of politics, doing active harm to our response to this crisis, this health crisis, it just makes me angry.

"They should not be ignored, they should be called out on every occasion because what they are doing is disgraceful.

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"I think any sensible person would understand that the time has to come when they should be called out.

"To call this pandemic, this virus, "the flu", surely that is beyond any reason, beyond any acceptability."

Mr Christensen has also been encouraging Queensland voters to join him at freedom rallies, recently attending one in Mackay.

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