Pram set on fire at Parliament House protest following ‘code red’ report

A dramatic protest has been held outside of Parliament House today following the release of a damning report on climate change.

A pram was set alight and an activist glued their hands to the pavement in Canberra this morning.

Meanwhile, a group of three protesters targeted the Prime Minister's official Canberra residence, spraying "duty of care" in red paint out the front.

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A climate protest has ramped up outside Parliament House following a climate change report.

The United Nations called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) a "code red for humanity", when it was released on Monday.

The landmark study, led by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel, found at current emission rates, the global temperature is expected to increase by 1.5C over the next two decades.

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The report found in Australia, land areas warmed by around 1.4C between 1910 and 2020, largely due to human influence, while heat extremes increased and cold extremes decreased.

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The report also found the intensity, frequency and duration of bushfires will increase in Australia and the frequency of severe droughts would ramp up from every 10 years to every four.

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