Man hooks great white shark with fishing rod on US beach

A man fishing on the beach in the US state of Massachusetts provoked a storm of shock on the sand when his line hooked a great white shark.

Matt Pieciak told 3AW he was playing a game by the water at Cape Cod when something big yanked at his fishing line.

He told radio host Neil Mitchell that he believed he had caught a fish – which was then promptly snapped up by the shark.

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"Based on the shadow that we saw in the water we thought 'Oh shoot, this is a lot bigger than a fish'," Mr Pieciak said.

"It was wicked big … probably 12 to 14 feet (3.6m to 4.2m)."

In video of the incident, the shark is seen breaking the surface of the water as it thrashes on the line.

"You caught a shark, are you serious?" one person is heard saying.

Finally, it breaks the line and swims away.

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