Patients receive ‘ultra-low dose’ of COVID-19 vaccine at Brisbane hub

Six people may have received an ultra-low dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine following an "administration error" last week at a Brisbane clinic.

Health Authorities have contacted 66 people who received the Pfizer vaccine at its Kippa-Ring Vaccination Centre before 9.30am on Saturday, August 7.

The error comes nearly two weeks after a similar mistake was made at Rockhampton Hospital, where up to six people also received an ultra-low dose of the jab.

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Pfizer has responded to reports a Queensland police officer was hospitalised in Brisbane with blood clots three days after receiving the companies coronavirus vaccine.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said an ultra-low dose of the vaccine is not harmful but could impact the person's immunity to COVID-19.

"We are working with those impacted to ensure optimal immune response to the vaccination is achieved," Dr Young said.

"Of those 66, 26 were receiving their first dose and 40 were receiving their second dose.

"Those affected will be offered a new appointment to receive a repeat dose to ensure they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Metro-North Hospital and Health Service Acting Chief Executive Jackie Hanson further apologised and said the error was detected during a "due diligence" process.

"I am incredibly sorry for any distress this has caused to those 66 people and their families. We will, of course, be supporting every single person impacted," Ms Hanson said.

The exact process led to Queensland Health discovering the same mistake was made at Rockhampton Hospital on July 21, where six people among 150 received the low dose jab.

"I am incredibly grateful we have good safety culture at Metro-North and that the error was picked up quickly as a result of those safeguards, Ms Hanson said.

"I have received a full incident report which will allow me and my staff to better understand what needs to be done to improve our processes."

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