Queensland mowing company employs goats as business booms

A Queensland lawn mowing company has taken up a new clean, green and adorable alternative to its typically human employees.

Maudsland Lawn Mowing owners Michael McConnell and Allison Gleeson have employed the services of Salt and Pepper, their "kids" who are more than happy to help when it comes to the big jobs.

Mr MConnell told 9News Salt and Pepper even sort the grass from the weeds, so customers don't need to use herbicides.

Queensland goat mowersQueensland goat mowers

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"People don't have to come and use herbicides and things like that; the goats come in, take all the bad stuff and put the good stuff back into the soil," Mr McConnell said.

"You can set them up for the day, and we'll go off and do the hedging and everything, so you're doing two things at once," Ms Gleeson said.

"They've got enough food in there; they're happy to stay in there and get the job done for us."

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