Nazi memorabilia to be included in upcoming Gold Coast auction

A Gold Coast auctioneer criticised for including pieces of Nazi memorabilia in an upcoming sale insists the items have historical value.

Dozens of pieces of World War II memorabilia including pins and propaganda will be among other antiquities and relics going under the hammer in Miami on Saturday.

The Anti-Defamation Commission has run a long campaign demanding Queensland ban the sale of such items.

Gold Coast Nazi memorabilia auction

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"If Hitler was alive today he would be thanking Danielle Elizabeth Auctions for glorifying his horrible crimes," commission Chairman and Jewish studies academic Dr Dvir Abramovich said.

"It made it easier for the Nazis to send them to deathcamps like Auchwitz.

"It is beyond sickening that anyone would turn a profit from these devil's tools."

Gold Coast Nazi memorabilia auctionGold Coast Nazi memorabilia auction

The items are being sold on behalf of an 85-year-old who began his collection while living in Germany during the war.

"It's not illegal so we don't discriminate, we're not a political party, we're just an auction house," Dustin Sweeny from Danielle Elizabeth Auctions told 9News.

"It shouldn't be forgotten, these things are bought and put in collections for future generations to see what happened to humanity in the 20th century."

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