Sydney collar bomber granted parole, banned from certain suburbs

Fake collar bomber Paul Douglas Peters will be released on parole after a decade behind bars.

Peters, 60, was told today he would walk out of prison as soon as August 27 with the State Parole Authority refusing a request that he undergo another psychiatric assessment.

It was 2011 when he broke into the Mosman home of Madeleine Pulver and placed a device around the Year 12 student's neck.

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Fake collar bomber Paul Douglas Peters could soon be released from jail.

He also put a lanyard around her neck which held an extortion note, asked her to count to 200 and left.

She contacted her parents, who alerted police, and after 10 hours they worked out it was an elaborate hoax.

During a parole hearing last month, Peters attempted to interject but was stopped from speaking at length.

"It was merely a deep-founded apology to Madeleine Pulver, that's all," he said.

The court heard the Serious Offenders Review Council found parole was appropriate because Peters had been assessed as a low risk of re-offending and had suitable post-release plans.

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Madeleine Pulver had the hoax bomb with an extortion note and USB attached to her neck inside her Mosman home.

A lawyer acting for the state argued the case should be adjourned to obtain a further psychiatric report.

But the State Parole Authority ruled today that was unnecessary because his mental health was not the reason he offended, with the court finding it was greed.

"The Authority is of the view that the offender's continued stable mental health presentation in custody does not warrant further psychiatric assessment of him prior to release," the judgement read.

Peters will be subject to conditions which include a ban on alcohol and that he stay out of Mosman, Woollahra, Braidwood and Avoca.

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