Afghanistan veteran insists it ‘wasn’t a waste of time’

As the world reels from the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, a former Australian Special Forces Commando says it's troubling for veteran communities to hear comments suggesting their work was in vain.

Former Australian Special Forces Commando Wes Hennessey fought the Taliban front and trained Afghan soldiers to fight in seven tours of the region.

"Speaking for most of the veteran community, it certainly wasn't a waste of time and that's a troublesome comment the veteran communities are hearing," he said.

Australian soldier Afghanistan Hennessey

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"Ensuring villages had clean water, ensuring villages knew how to look after basic medical requirements, ensuring structures had roofs for schooling.

"(The Taliban) are an absolute ruthless terrorist organisation which will stop at nothing to intimidate people."

Australian soldier Afghanistan HennesseyAustralian Defence Force personnel process the first evacuees from Kabul, Afghanistan at Australia's main base in the Middle East region.

Commando Hennessey said the Australian government needs to do more for the Afghan people and stay in the region.

"There's many who will make the argument about, you know, we shouldn't need to mentor them, or partner the Afghan security forces, but it's obvious we have to," he said.

"Thirty-nine thousand Australians have served there, and we've committed over a billion dollars through that conflict, then why leave now?"

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