‘We are not going to be able to hold the virus back’

Queensland has launched a new push on vaccinations, with the state's Health Minister admitting eventually coronavirus will cross the border again from NSW.

A special call-out is especially being made to people from the indigenous population and over 60s who have not yet had their jabs, but everybody is being told to now come forward.

While new border rules meaning essential workers who cross from NSW need to have had at least one jab, Health Minister Jeanette Young admitted eventually the virus will seep in.

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Queensland Chief Health officer Dr Jeanette Young.

There were no new cases in the state today after the latest Brisbane outbreak.

"We are seeing more and more cases every single day and we are seeing those cases moving closer and closer to Queensland," she said.

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"This is a very very clear message that now is the time to get vaccinated.

"Don't wait. We are not going to be able to hold the virus back from our border. It is going to come across.

"If you're 16 years of age or older, it is absolutely critical that you get vaccinated.

"We be able to hold back community spread of COVID in our state if we aren't vaccinated.

"But if we're vaccinated it will be fine."

The state is lagging behind the nation's 51 percent first vaccination rate, with 45 percent having one dose.

While Queensland has had a zero case stance throughout the pandemic, Dr Young admitted; "Once we open up we won't have zero cases, we'll have a disease we can manage."

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Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said people who don't get the jab could expect to be excluded from many things.

Whitney McIntosh, 27, receiving the Pfizer vaccination from registered nurse Ellen Merkason on the opening day of the COVID-19 vaccination hub at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"If you don't want to get vaccinated, stay home," she said.

"If you want to go out, go on holidays, and enjoy the footy, hug a loved one, then you need to get vaccinated. It's your choice but its not a smart choice not to get vaccinated."

The pair wore specially designed shirts covered with Indigenous art, to mark the new vaccination campaign.

The last person infected from the Portuguese restaurant cluster in Brisbane earlier this year has now left ICU and gone home, Dr Young said.

To get a vaccination, people can contact their GP, pharmacy or visit Queensland Health.

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