Cargo ship with 16 suspected COVID-19 cases docks in Fremantle

A cargo ship that is possible carrying COVID-19 positive crew members has docked at Fremantle Port.

The bulk carrier MV Ken Hou was due to dock in Albany over the weekend but reported to maritime authorities that 16 of 22 crew were suffering respiratory problems.

It is suspected, but not confirmed, that the crew have COVID-19.

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The ship then sailed to Fremantle where WA Health teams well versed in COVID-safe maritime procedures will begin testing crew members.

Depending on the diagnosis some crew members will remain on the ship while others may quarantine in dedicated hotels.

"The vessel is carrying 22 crew with 16 reporting symptoms. All crew members will subsequently be tested for COVID-19," WA Health said in a statement.

"Pending test results tomorrow, a plan for the management of the vessel will be made with all key stakeholders."

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Overnight Western Australia recorded one COVID-19 case in an overseas traveller who is currently in hotel quarantine.

The state's total (including overseas passengers) is now 1064. To date, 1051 people have recovered from the virus in WA.

WA Health is monitoring four active COVID-19 cases who are all currently in hotel quarantine.

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