Great White Sharks feast on whale carcass stranded at Outer Harbor

Several Great White Sharks have been seen feasting on a whale carcass at Outer Harbor in Adelaide's north-west.

It's believed the Humpback whale was killed when it was inadvertently struck by a cargo ship travelling offshore.

The whale's carcass became trapped on the ship's bow, only dislodging as it entered Port Adelaide.

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The carcass has since washed in and become trapped on the area's breakwall, where several shark have been seen tearing strips off it.

Maritime authorities have unsuccessfully attempted to tow the carcass out to see.

Wildlife authorities in South Australia have urged locals and swimmers not to enter the water in the area as the smell of the whale's decomposing body is likely to attract more sharks.

A high tide is due tonight, which may shift the carcass further.

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