What it’s like to be in the ICU with coronavirus

Fawaz is a father-of-six and a construction worker from Putney in Sydney's north-west.

The 50-year-old is also incredibly sick with coronavirus in the ICU at Concord Hospital.

"I don't know how I caught the virus… I'm not doing too well," he said from his bed, which he is laying face-down in.

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Coronavirus patients Ramona, Faraz, and Osama explain what it is like to be sick with the virus. They are all at Concord Hospital in Sydney.

Single mum Ramona, who works in a pharmacy in Greenacre, in the city's south-west, was a few days short of her second dose when she caught the virus.

She can't care for her two kids while she's in hospital.

"All I can think of is my children."

Osama, 35, has recovered slightly, but says having the virus felt like he was "close to death"

His children and wife also have the virus, and they are all in different hospitals.

"Please take care of yourselves its not a game its for real," Osama said.

These patients were all interviewed by lung specialist Dr Lucy Morgan, from the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Concord Hospital who said some of the stories she had heard were "heartbreaking".

Watch the full video and interview above.

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