NSW boost vaccination incentives as case numbers grow

The NSW government is trying several strategies to boost vaccination rates across the state as residents await another month in lockdown.

Dubbed "Super Sunday", Sydney's main vaccination hub at Homebush has begun offering sporting merchandise to residents who arrive to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Earlier this week NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian signalled increased freedoms for fully-vaccinated residents on September 13.

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From September 13, households living in the NSW government's LGAs of concern will be allowed to spend an additional hour of recreation outdoors, as long as all adults in the household are fully vaccinated.

This is on top of the already-permitted hour of exercise, meaning households will be able to visit a park, Ms Berejiklian said.

However, people must take this hour within the current and ongoing curfew hours, which will continue.

Outside the LGAs of concern, through the rest of Greater Sydney and regional NSW, five people will be allowed to gather outdoors, as long as all adults are fully vaccinated.

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Freedoms on the horizon, but case numbers are still rising

Yesterday NSW recorded the largest daily number of new COVID-19 cases, registering 1035 new locally-acquired cases.

More than 156,000 vaccine doses were administered and 129,000 tests conducted.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard also announced that weddings will be allowed in NSW once again.

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From 12.01am this coming Friday, weddings will be permitted provided that they are limited to no more than five guests.

"Obviously, the circumstances in New South Wales are such that while we are seeing massive vaccination numbers, we are also seeing substantial cases, and for a number of weeks now, we have had no capacity for people to get married," Mr Hazzard said.

"A decision has been taken that in a balanced sense, we have to be able to allow people who want to get married to get married.

"So as from 12.01am Friday this coming week, couples who wish to marry will be able to marry, but with minimal guests in attendance, so there will be five guests allowed in addition to those who obviously will be necessary for the actual service, so those officiating and perhaps a photographer to record the event, we will work through that during the course of the week."

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