The new scam text message luring Australians

Australia's scam watchdog has warned that the malicious "Flubot" scam is now presenting as fake text messages warning victims that a parcel is about to be delivered.

The text messages pretend to be from a reputable shipping company, and contain a php link for the recipient to "track their parcel".

If a victim were to click the link, they are directed to a second page that asks them download a specific app to track their parcel.

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The app is part of a malicious form of scam known as the "Flubot". Flubot is a form of software known as malware that has the potential to immediately access a user's passwords and financial information.

"WARNING: The Flubot scam is changing. We are receiving reports of texts like these saying a parcel is being delivered/in transit & containing php links," tweeted Scamwatch.

"Delete these messages and don't click on links! If you want to check a delivery, use the confirmation email from the business."

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Previously Flubot scams sent text messages to victims alerting them to a missed call, where a voicemail can be accessed via a similar link.

Scamwatch warns that if victims mistakenly download the app, they should not enter any passwords into the device and contact an IT professional if possible.

"If you have logged in to any accounts or apps using a password since downloading the app, you need to change your passwords," Scamwatch warns.

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Steps to take if you fall victim to a scam.

"If you have used the same passwords for any other accounts, you also need to change those passwords.

"Contact your bank and ensure your accounts are secure."

Since August 2021, Scamwatch has received over 5500 reports of these scams.

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