Kangaroo rescued from chilly Canberra waters

A tired kangaroo has been pulled free from the chilly waters of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra this morning.

The rescue was caught on camera by passer-by David Boyd, and posted on a Canberra group Facebook page.

"I found the poor little bloke and was on the phone to Access Canberra to get assistance," Mr Boyd told nine.com.au.

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"These two legends jumped in and helped out."

The dawn video shows the two men carefully entering the water and approaching the roo slowly.

It doesn't move and they are able to carefully pick it up and take it back to dry land, where it leans against them and bystanders congratulate the rescuers.

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The video ends there, but Mr Boyd said in his post that the kangaroo was fine.

Kangaroos, even smaller ones, can cause injuries while in a state of fear, and people are always urged to be cautious around wild animals.

For wildlife rescue needs, WIRES can be contacted on 1300 094 737.

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