Glowing object visible in NSW night sky believed to be Chinese rocket

A strange illuminated object visible over parts of NSW last night has sparked questions from stargazers about what the phenomenon could be.

However, it does not appear a UFO was gracing our skies but can be linked to one of two rockets launched by China yesterday.

People in Sydney and up to the NSW Central Coast reported seeing a glowing aircraft about 8pm.

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This strange illuminated object which appeared in the night sky over parts of NSW last night is believed to be a Chinese rocket. (Chantelle Peterson and Diana Lexa via NSW Incidents and Alerts) UFOIt could be seen about 8pm last night from Sydney and parts of the NSW Central Coast. UFO China chinese rocket

ANU Space Expert Brad Tucker told 2GB's Ben Fordham it was a "bit of a surprise" when it appeared in our skies.

"It was essentially exhaust from the second rocket that China launched yesterday," he said.

China launched two rockets yesterday, one of which was a Long March 3B, which is thought to be the one visible last night.

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