Perth police raid bikie headquarters after alleged gunman’s arrest

iPolice have raided two Perth bikie headquarters in response to an accused gunman and bikie associate's very public arrest.

Heavily armed police stormed Mongols premises in Rockingham and Wangara at dawn on Tuesday in an attempt to send a message.

"I think they got that today," WA Police Assistant Commissioner Brad Royce said.

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"If they can't behave and they come into the community and cause harm we will come into their community."

The raids came a day after Joshua Alban Gomez, 28, allegedly ran from police, waving his firearm at officers before dropping it on the ground.

It's alleged his crime spree continued when an innocent driver was taken hostage at gunpoint and forced to drive about 100m down the Graham Farmer Freeway, before two police vehicles pinned the Toyota Camry.

"It's a critical decision. It can be dangerous," Mr Royce said.

"They used that decision-making process that they're trained in because to let the vehicle go on was considered a greater risk."

Police said officers fired only one shot throughout the incident but whether Mr Gomez returned fire is under investigation.

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Multiple gunshots can be heard on security vision of the accused running down a street, before reaching the freeway.

Police are still investigating but say the incident started as an internal dispute between the 28-year-old and a patched member of the Mongols.

Mr Gomez had a bedside hearing from Royal Perth Hospital this morning, charged with five offences. The court heard he was already on bail for serious charges.

The patched Mongols member who was also arrested during Monday's incident was released from custody without charge.

Police have not yet laid any charges stemming from Tuesday's raids.

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