Unique superhero costumes help sick Aussie kids in hospital

Sick children are being given new armour to help fight their battles against serious illness.

Jason Sotiris is the inventor of a unique superhero costume for children to wear in hospital.

The costumes are like a extra functional hospital gown, which makes it easier for children to change in and out of while they're undergoing medical procedures.

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The idea came about after his daughter Angela was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis, just after her first birthday.

"It was really hard to keep her clean and hygienic and just after a few tough nights while she was on chemotherapy. An idea went off in my head and I thought I'm going to have a crack at this," Mr Sotiris said.

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Mr Sotiris worked together with a close friend and the Fair Fight Foundation to create Supertee, to help make the lives of other sick children and their parents, a little easier.

"My dream is to make sure that wherever in the world a parent is given the news their child is battling a terminal illness, that a Supertee is available," he said.

One of the children to benefit is four-year-old Gold Coast boy Matheo Eggleston, who lives with a rare genetic disease.

His mum Shalyn Eggleston says the outfit has been a lifesaver.

"He can go for all his MRIs and all his scans because there is not metal in them and it just made life so much easier," Ms Eggleston said.

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Supertee has made 5000 garments for sick children so far but they're hoping to get 8000 more into medical centres by the end of the year.

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