TGA approves rapid home COVID-19 tests in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved three at-home rapid COVID-19 testings kits for use across Australia.

Starting from November 1, the rapid antigen test kits will become available around the country, adding another layer of protection in the fight against the virus.

Rapid antigen tests are already being used in a number of settings, such as aged care homes and some quarantine facilities and workplaces.

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Health Minister Greg Hunt said last month that the home testing scheme would enable people to go about their daily life safely while Australia reopens.

"This is an important additional protection for Australians," Mr Hunt said.

"Home testing will support Australians and support the national (reopening) plan."

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The tests only take between 10 to 15 minutes to conduct, but are not as precise as PCR tests.

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One of the newly approved tests is a nasal swab, while the other two are are oral fluid tests, meaning people will be required to spit into a tube.

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