Refugee group claims asylum seekers in Melbourne with COVID-19 receiving ‘lack of care’

The Federal Government has been accused of providing a dangerous "lack of care" to more than 40 refugees and asylum seekers who are being held at a hotel in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Of the 46 people held at Melbourne's Park Hotel Alternative Place of Detention, 20 have tested positive for the virus since the first case was detected there on October 17.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) claims the people at the hotel with COVID-19 have received a "lack of care" that has been "ad hoc, inadequate and dangerous", particularly because 14 people at the facility are immunocompromised.

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It claims people have reported waiting five hours to see a nurse and have struggled to get basic medication such as Panadol.

"The Department of Home Affairs' healthcare provider, International Health and Medical Services (IHMS), is responsible for providing medical support for those in Park Hotel," the ASRC said in a statement.

"However, reports from Park Hotel indicate that IMHS is not providing adequate care, is understaffed and does not have the necessary expertise."

According to the ASRC, one refugee claims they aren't being given medicine.

"We are dying. We are very very scared. Every day there is another case, another case, there is no safety and no rules," they said in a statement.

"Here it is very bad, it is closed, there is no fresh air, it is a small place. There is not any doctor. Half have COVID-19, we are not just speaking about a visa we are speaking about our lives. They don't give us medicine, there is nobody. It is really scary".

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