Buyers asked to consider adopting rescue pets this Christmas

The RSPCA is urging those buying pets for loved ones this Christmas to consider adopting a rescue animal instead, as shelters overflow with dogs and cats needing forever homes.

For Queenslanders Chelsea and Jake, Christmas came early with their new puppy Molly becoming part of the family after being adopted from the RSPCA.

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RSPCA Queensland has more than 500 animals available for adoption.

"We are currently going through puppy and kitten breeding season so we have a lot of those guys available for adoption at the moment," Tessa Van De Sandt from the RSPCA said.

The RSPCA has several animals available, not just dogs and cats, including Alex the miniature horse and a new pig.

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The RSPCA is urging people to consider adopting a rescue animal this Christmas.

"We have lots of different rodents, so guinea pigs mice and rats," Ms Van De Sandt said.

"It's really good to adopt an animal because then you're giving it the potential for a really great home rather than looking at pet stores."

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