Two batches of select Huggies Thick Baby Wipes recalled

Batches of Huggies baby wipes are being recalled due to the presence of a harmful bacteria.

Two batches of the Huggies Thick Baby Wipes Fragrance Free Limited Edition Tropical that had a Little Mermaid design are being taken off shelves.

The wipes were exclusively sold at Woolworths across Australia.

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A bacterium called burkholderia cepacian was identified in two batches after testing.

The reason for the recall is that a bacterium called burkholderia cepacian was identified after testing.

Huggies said while the bacteria poses "little medical risk to healthy people" it may cause serious infections or other health issues in people who have a weakened immune system.

Huggies also added that the bacteria was only found in the select batches of the limited edition wipes and not in any other wipes.

Anyone who has bought these wipes that has a batch code of B21072004 or D21072005 printed on the side of the pack is advised to stop using them immediately and contact Huggies.

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