Man almost kills neighbour over fight about washing machine

A fight over a load of washing led to a Melbourne man almost stabbing his elderly neighbour to death at their Elwood public housing complex, a court has heard.
Brett Vaisey, 57, fronted the Supreme Court today, pleading guilty to attempted murder.
Vaisey repeatedly stabbed his elderly female neighbour, Annick Henenberg, with a 20cm kitchen knife as she headed to their communal laundry about 7.25pm on Australia Day – 26 January – last year.
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The court heard Vaisey was caught on CCTV rushing at Ms Henenberg with the knife moments before the attack, and three people witnessed the vicious assault.
Ms Henenberg had also started an audio recording on her phone right before the incident, which captured Vaisey berating her during the attack.
“Piece of sh*t, die,” he was recorded saying.
“If I'm going to jail it's worth it, you know what I mean.”
The court heard the woman immediately fell to the ground aft..

Baby strapped into stolen car on Gold Coast

A car containing a five-month-old baby has been stolen from a garage in Molendinar on the Gold Coast this afternoon.
The baby was strapped into the rear child seat of a white Mazda 3 with Queensland registration places 173 WTW, parked in the garage of an address on Stringybark Drive about 4.25pm.
Police urge anyone who sees this vehicle to not approach it and immediately contact police.
More to come.

Giant triceratops skeleton named ‘Big John’ up for auction

The mammoth skeleton of a 66-million-year-old triceratops fossil is estimated to rake in between €1.2 million ($1.9 million) and €1.5 million ($2.4 million) at an auction on October 21 at an auction house in Paris.
The fossil, nicknamed “Big John”, has a skull 2.62 metres long and two metres wide.
Its biggest horns are 1.1 metres long and over 30 centimetres wide, making it the biggest Triceratops specimen ever discovered, auctioneers from Drouot said.
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The British Natural History Museum said the frill, which was used to protect the neck or attract a mate, spans almost one metre, while the skull is one of the biggest and “most striking” of any land animal.
The herbivorous species was able to reach up nine metres in length and up to 5500 kilograms in weight.
The triceratops wandered the Earth during the Late Cretaceous period around 66-68 million years ago.
Auctioneers Binoche et Giquello said Big John lived on the ..

WHO flags Mu variant as potentially dangerous strain of coronavirus

A new strain of coronavirus which is feared to be resistant to immunity has been flagged by the World Health Organisation as a “variant of interest”.
The Mu variant, also known as B.1.621, originated in Colombia in January, and now accounts of 39 per cent of cases in the South American country.
“The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape,” a WHO statement read.
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“Preliminary data presented to the Virus Evolution Working Group show a reduction in neutralisation capacity of convalescent and vaccine sera similar to that seen for the Beta variant, but this needs to be confirmed by further studies.”
Any similarities to the Beta variant makes Mu a cause for concern.
The Beta variant's spike protein makes it more infectious and potentially harder to treat.
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It's also feared current vaccines m..

Skateboarding KFC thieves wanted after alleged Queenstown drive-thru dash

Two Queenstown skateboarders who allegedly skipped the queue for a feed of fried chicken are being sought by NZ Police.
On a day when many New Zealanders were prepared to wait in line for their first taste of post-lockdown takeaways, the impatient pair allegedly did not wait, nor pay.
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Senior Sergeant Glenn Wilkinson said a person was sitting in their car about 8.30pm yesterday, waiting for the $90 worth of KFC they ordered.
“As soon as the order was placed on the window, a couple of teenagers have scampered up between the car and window and snaffled it,” he said.
They were carrying skateboards at the time and headed towards the rugby grounds, he said.
The male pair were yet to be identified, but police would be reviewing security camera footage today.
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It was a rare crime in the resort in recent days, with police spending more time talki..

New Zealand records 49 new local cases of coronavirus

There are 49 new cases of COVID-19 linked to the current Delta community outbreak in New Zealand, bringing the total number of cases to 736.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield gave the update in a press conference this afternoon, confirming Northland will move to alert level three at 11.59pm.
All the new cases are in Auckland. This brings the total number of cases in this outbreak to 720 in Auckland, and 16 in Wellington. To date, 11 people have recovered from this outbreak.
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Dr Bloomfield said today's lower case number is “encouraging” and shows alert level four measures are working.
However, he said numbers could still “bounce around a little”.
Of yesterday's 75 reported cases, 85 per cent were contacts of existing cases.
Of these, 56 per cent were household contacts.
Thirty-six per cent were considered to be infectious when in the communi..

New York subways fill with water as Hurricane Ida heads north

The remnants of Hurricane Ida blew through the mid-Atlantic United States with at least two tornadoes, heavy winds and drenching rains that collapsed the roof of a US Postal Service building, left cars and roads underwater and sent garbage floating through the streets of New York.
Social media posts showed homes reduced to rubble in a southern New Jersey county just outside Philadelphia, not far from where the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado Wednesday evening. Authorities did not have any immediate information on injuries.
Other video showed water rushing through Newark Liberty International Airport as the storm moved into New York on Wednesday night.
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The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport, tweeted at 10.30pm (local time). that all flights were suspended and all parking lots were closed due to severe flooding. All train service to the airport also was suspended.
The National W..

Popular overseas online car retailer with no test drives launches in Australia

A $1 billion online car seller has just launched in Australia, with the retailer confident the US and UK trend of buying a car online will take off across the country.
Indian start-up CARS24 now allows Australians to buy used cars from home in under five minutes, with the car then delivered to their door.
CARS24 Australia CEO Olga Rudenko said she believed Australians would jump on the “new way of buying used cars” very quickly.
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“Being able to order a car in under five minutes with all the financing taken care of and ability to return within seven days at no cost is an absolute no brainer,” she said.
“We buy everything online these days. Groceries, clothes, appliances. Why? It's super easy – buy when it's right for you, no need to leave home. You trust that you'll have a good experience, with customer reviews and return policies if things don't work out.”
CARS24 owns every car it sells..

Infectious man arrested after allegedly escaping Auckland quarantine

A man who tested positive for COVID-19 was taken into custody after allegedly absconding from a quarantine facility in Auckland and heading back to his home.
It has emerged the man spent 12 hours on the run after leaving the Novotel Ellerslie facility at 1am before being caught early this afternoon.
He appeared in court via phone charged with breaching COVID-19 legislation and was granted bail back to the Novotel facility.
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Superintendent Steve Kehoe said police were notified about 10.30am local time that the man had escaped the Novotel MIQ, which has recently begun taking community COVID-19 cases.
About three hours later, police surrounded a home in Ōtāhuhu, and, shortly after, took the man into custody.
“Police are liaising with the Ministry of Health on this matter to understand this person's movements since he left the MIQ facility and being located in Ōtāhuhu,” Superintendent Kehoe said.
“All ..

Spike in children suffering mental health issues in Victoria

Victorian parents are being urged to speak to their children about how they are coping with lockdown as hospitals experience a spike in adolescents presenting with mental health issues.
The Royal Children's Hospital has witnessed a surge in admissions of children with mental health difficulties, according to mental health director Dr Ric Haslam.
“The sorts of conditions that we're seeing in the Royal Children's Hospital are anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal behaviours and eating disorders,” he said.
“We've also seen an increase in young people presenting with aggression, both verbal and physical.
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“And often these are children who might have developmental difficulties such as autism spectrum disorders.”
The surge comes as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced yesterday Melbourne is set to remain in lockdown for weeks longer, with Melbourne schools to stay closed until at least Term Four.