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Alleged medi-hotel escapee arrested by police after days on the run

A woman accused of escaping a South Australian medi-hotel has been arrested by police. Samantha Sullivan, 35, flew into South Australia from Darwin on Friday afternoon and was transferred to the Pullman medi-hotel in Adelaide for mandatory isolation. Just before 8pm on Saturday night police allege she left her room and walked out of the medi-hotel using the building's fire escape. READ MORE: Expert's warning on William Tyrrell search A CCTV image of Ms Sullivan was captured and an alert was given to hotel security and other people in the hotel. South Australian Police arrested Ms Sullivan just after 9pm last night, locating her at Mile End in Adelaide. She will be charged with breaching the Emergency Management Act and will be refused bail to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today. Ms Sullivan has tested negative to COVID-19.

Two men set to be cleared in the 1965 killing of Malcolm X

Two of the three men convicted in the assassination of Malcolm X are set to be cleared on Thursday after insisting on their innocence since the 1965 killing of one of the United States' most formidable fighters for civil rights, their lawyers and Manhattan's top prosecutor said Wednesday. A nearly two-year-long re-investigation found that authorities withheld evidence favourable to the defence in the trial of Muhammad Aziz, now 83, and the late Khalil Islam, said their attorneys, the Innocence Project and civil rights lawyer David Shanies. Mr Aziz called his conviction "the result of a process that was corrupt to its core — one that is all too familiar" even today. READ MORE: Expert's warning on William Tyrrell search "I do not need a court, prosecutors or a piece of paper to tell me I am innocent," he said in a statement. But he said he was glad his family, friends and lawyers would get to see "the truth we have all known, officially recognised." He urged the criminal j..

Flooding, severe thunderstorms, fires and gale force winds to lash nation

Queenslanders have been told to brace for severe thunderstorms today, which will bring heavy rainfall and may cause flash flooding. Storm activity is expected across the Wide Bay region and Burnett coast, stretching all the way between Bundaberg and Moore Park Beach. The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued a severe weather warning for the region, with the coast expected to cop a battering starting from this morning and lasting the duration of the day. In New South Wales, the BoM has also said that storms are possible across the state's northern areas this afternoon. READ MORE: Expert's warning on William Tyrrell search The bureau has advised residents in the area to monitor situations closely, which have a chance of becoming severe. Elsewhere in NSW, a weather warning has also been issued for the Snow Mountains region, with gale force winds predicted to wreak havoc, seeing speeds of up to 125 kilometres an hour. "Damaging winds, averaging 80 to 90 kilometres an hour with p..

Missile test shows China could launch ‘surprise attack’ on US

China's test of a hypersonic missile over the summer "went around the world," the second most senior US general said in an interview, shedding new details on the test and warning that China might one day be able to launch a surprise nuclear attack on the US. "They launched a long-range missile," General John Hyten, the outgoing vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told CBS News. "It went around the world, dropped off a hypersonic glide vehicle that glided all the way back to China, that impacted a target in China." LIVE UPDATES: Warning Australia's COVID-19 'honeymoon' will be short lived When asked if the missile hit the target, General Hyten said, "Close enough." General Hyten, who previously called the pace at which China's military is developing capabilities "stunning," warned that one day they could have the capability to launch a surprise nuclear attack on the US. "Why are they building all of this capability?" General Hyten said. "They look like a ..

What does COVID-19 in deer and other animals mean for humans?

Scientists have found SARS-CoV-2 spreads like, well, a virus among white-tailed deer and other wild animals in the US. People are the likely source, but that doesn't mean the virus can't evolve among these animals and then spill back into humans, and researchers are worried about what this spread means for the risk of future pandemics. There's little doubt SARS-Cov-2, the virus that caused the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, came from an animal - almost certainly a bat. LIVE UPDATES: Australia's COVID-19 honeymoon to be 'short-lived' And the prevailing scientific opinion is that there was an intermediate host, an animal of some sort, that was infected by a bat or bats and then infected people. It's also clear that people can infect animals. Pets such as cats, zoo animals such as gorillas and snow leopards and farmed mink can all be infected. Multiple cases have been reported, and evidence of changes in the viruses infecting mink have led to mass cu..

Toddler son of former South African rugby international dies in drowning accident

Rugby legend Jannie du Plessis' one-year-old son has died in a tragic drowning accident. The tragedy happened on the same day the former Springboks star marked his 39th birthday, South African media site News24 reports. The child's death has been confirmed by Du Plessis' provincial side, the Lions. "I can confirm that this tragedy took place. We are all devastated," Lions chief executive Rudolf Straeul said. The circumstances surrounding the child's death had not been confirmed yet. Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela confirmed that police were investigating an inquest docket after the toddler drowned in a swimming pool on Tuesday. Du Plessis joined the Lions as an experienced forward tasked in 2019. He was part of South Africa's 2007 Rugby World Cup-winning squad.

‘QAnon Shaman’ sentenced to 41 months in prison for role in US Capitol riot

Jacob Chansley, the so-called "QAnon Shaman," was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the US Capitol riot. The Justice Department had asked for Chansley to receive a harsh sentence as a way to set an example among the January 6 rioters, and prosecutors have positioned Chansley as emblematic of a barbaric crowd. Since then, Chansley gained fame as the "QAnon Shaman," a figure known in the fringe online movement and for widely shared photos that captured him wearing face paint and a headdress inside the Senate chamber. Judge Royce Lamberth has had Chansley held in jail since his arrest, despite his multiple attempts to gain sympathy and his release. Other judges are likely to look to Lamberth's sentence as a possible benchmark, since Chansley is one of the first felony defendants among more than 660 Capitol riot cases to receive a punishment. Pictures of Chansley at the Capitol went viral because of his bizarre appearance while leading others through the Capitol, shouti..

Ireland imposes new COVID-19 restrictions on pubs as cases rise

Ireland will impose a midnight curfew on bars, restaurants and nightclubs from Thursday, its prime minister Micheál Martin has announced, as the country tackles a fresh wave of COVID-19 cases. Martin said the country's rise in infections is "a cause of deep concern" as he unveiled a swathe of new measures aimed at "reducing socialization across the board". They include a return to guidance that people work from home and an expansion of where a vaccination pass is required -- people must now show them at theatres and cinemas. READ MORE: Expert's warning on William Tyrrell search Ireland has one of Europe's highest vaccination rates, with 89.1 per cent of people over the age of 12 having been immunised, but its booster program has only been available to those over 60, healthcare workers and at-risk people. The government is making plans to offer third doses to those in the 50s and people with underlying health conditions, Martin said. The prime minister called for a "colle..

‘Materials degrade’: Expert’s warning on William Tyrrell search

A forensic pathologist has said modern techniques and technology will likely find any evidence of William Tyrrell's fate - if it is there to be found. Police will resume their ongoing search at Kendall on the NSW Mid North Coast for the third day this morning. William, then aged three, disappeared from his foster grandmother's property at Kendall in 2014, and has never been found. LIVE UPDATES: Warning Australia's COVID-19 'honeymoon' will be short lived Police have recovered several items for analysis. Professor David Ranson told Today investigators had access to top scientific resources. "We can work with incredibly small amounts of trace material these days that can really start to give information to piece back as to what happened at the time," he said. "I think the forensic technology these days has become tremendously good at detecting very, very small quantities of material and being able to analyse it. READ MORE: Thousands of more jobs up for grabs as p..