Cruel scam text tricks customers waiting for online deliveries

A new text scam is tricking thousands of Aussies at home waiting for their online shopping to arrive.
Australians were duped out of a total of $851 million last year, and complaints to the watchdog soared by 145 per cent.
One of the latest victims is Jayson Gali, who received a message which he assumed was about a package he had been waiting for.
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“I clicked on the link, put my details in, card details in, went to pay the $3 they were asking for redelivery,” he told 9News.
“It was my bank that sent me an authorisation code, authorising a payment for 506 euros,” Mr Gali added.
Bree Mandel clicked a link on what looked like a legitimate text.
“I had no control over my phone, it logged me out of all my stuff, it was asking me for my passwords for my bank account,” she told 9News.
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With so many people shopping online, especially those in lo..

Victoria Police granted ‘no fly zone’ over Melbourne’s CBD

Media helicopters must obtain permission and delay publishing livestream footage for 60 minutes under new orders from Victoria Police in an effort to control ongoing protests.
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) today confirmed to that Victoria Police had applied for a temporary restricted airspace order over Melbourne's CBD, which has been granted.
As part of the restrictions, no aircraft are allowed within a three nautical mile radius or below 2500 feet of Melbourne's CBD without permission from police.
LIVE UPDATES: Police use tear gas to clear protesters from Shrine of Remembrance restricted airspace is in place until September 26. CASA said the application was made in the interest of public safety.
Victoria Police said today that provision will be made to allow media outlets to operate aircraft within the airspace, but they must obtain permission f..

Hatchlings of endangered crocodile species found in Cambodia

Eight hatchlings from one of the world’s rarest crocodile species have been found in a wildlife sanctuary in eastern Cambodia, raising hopes for its continuing survival in the wild.
Conservationists found the baby Siamese crocodiles earlier this month in a river in the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia's Environment Ministry and the World Wildlife Fund said Tuesday.
The team found the young reptiles after spending four days scouring habitat sites where months earlier they had discovered footprints and dung.
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The species was once widespread across Southeast Asia but is now listed as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
It had all but disappeared by the 1990s due to a combination of factors including poaching, habitat destruction and cross-breeding with other crocodile species.
The government and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have jointly been searching for..

Trapped echidna saved from drain by firefighters

An echidna stuck in a Queensland stormwater drain has been rescued and released back into the wild.
Firefighters in the Rockhampton suburb of Berserker responded to a call from a member of the public at around 11am about the trapped echidna.
They conducted atmospheric testing in the drain before entering to make sure the air levels were not toxic.
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Once it was determined to be safe, firefighters entered the drain and rescued the echidna.
A Queensland Fire and Emergency spokesperson said the spiky monotreme was safe and unharmed by the ordeal.
The animal was then released back into the wild in bushland adjacent to the drain it was stuck in.

Harry Dunn’s family reaches ‘resolution’ in civil case with alleged hit-run killer

The parents of Harry Dunn have reached a “resolution” in the civil case launched against the US woman who allegedly killed their son and departed the UK soon after.
Mr Dunn, 19, was allegedly killed by US mother-of-three Anne Sacoolas in a 2019 road accident in England's north.
Ms Sacoolas, 43, flew back to the US in the aftermath of the accident and has evaded British justice ever since.
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Ms Sacoolas and her husband, Jonathan, were stationed at a Royal Air Force base in Northamptonshire when she smashed head-on into Mr Dunn while he was riding his motorcycle.
British authorities pursued criminal charges against Ms Sacoolas but the US invoked diplomatic immunity, provoking anger in the UK, and has ever since refused to extradite her.
Mr Dunn's family filed a civil lawsuit in US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia last year.
Details of the resolution in the civil case – which was announced overnig..

Protesters converge on Melbourne war memorial chanting ‘lest we forget’

Hundreds of protesters have converged on Melbourne's most famous war memorial, with many heard chanting “lest we forget”, as protests continue in the city for a third day in a row.
A large crowd marched to the Shrine of Remembrance just after 1pm after protesters marched throughout the streets of the CBD for hours this morning.
The group was seen moving up the walkway to the shrine chanting “lest we forget”, the phrase commonly used to pay tribute to fallen servicemen and women.
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Large numbers of police hurried to relocate from the CFMEU headquarters in the CBD to the shrine.
Police converged on the walkway to the shrine as hundreds of protesters sat on the shrine's steps and on nearby lawns chanting “freedom” and “every day”.
Protesters on the steps to the shrine are holding up a large banner that reads, “End Lockdown NOW. Dan-made Disaster!!!”
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Chinese property giant Evergrande reaches agreement to delay default

Chinese property juggernaut Evergrande has confirmed it has reached a deal that will prevent the business from imminently defaulting on the first of many loan payments.
Evergrande's main unit, Hengda Real Estate Group, announced it would make a coupon payment on its domestic bondholders on time on September 23.
The announcement delays fears of imminent collapse but does not guarantee Evergrande will not default on a later payment.
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World markets have been watching for days how Evergrande's situation unfolds after the company announced it was at risk of defaulting on around $400 billion worth of loans.
Evergrande is the second-largest property developer in China by sales and the most valuable real estate company in the world.
Among its group operations, Evergrande owns a football team, an electric vehicle division, a mineral water brand and also has interests in baby formula and theme parks.
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Gabby Petito story boosted by social media, true-crime craze

The disappearance and death of Gabby Petito, along with the hunt for her boyfriend have generated a whirlwind online, with a multitude of armchair detectives and others sharing tips, possible sightings and theories by way of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.
Whether the frenzy of attention and internet sleuthing has helped the investigation is not clear, but it has illuminated the intersection between social media and the public's fascination with true-crime stories.
Months before her disappearance drew more than a half-billion views on TikTok, Ms Petito, 22, and 23-year-old boyfriend Brian Laundrie set out on a cross-country road trip over the summer in a van she decorated boho-chic style.
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They documented their adventure on video and invited social media users to follow along on the journey, sharing scenes of a seemingly happy couple cartwheeling on a beach, hiking on mountain trails and camping in th..

He pushed Uber out of China, then got too big for Beijing

Cheng Wei built a world-class ride-hailing app that not even Uber could keep up with in China.
But Didi's risky play for expansion and dominance — culminating in a disastrous IPO this summer — has caused it to run afoul of Beijing.
And now, the company's top executive faces a difficult balancing act: placating regulators at home and investors abroad, while fending off fierce competition.
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Mr Cheng, 38, who also goes by Will Cheng, is the youngest entrepreneur heading one of China's biggest tech firms.
He's been busy in the nine years since Didi was founded: Mr Cheng has knocked out a flurry of powerful opponents and amassed nearly 160 million monthly active users by the first quarter of this year in China alone, nearly double the amount of users that Uber has worldwide.
But the ride-hailing behemoth is now in a precarious spot.
It's one of the most prominent targets of China..

Tony Jones reacts live on air to earthquake shaking 3AW studio

Tony Jones was filling in as host for 3AW presenter Neil Mitchell and on-air when Victoria's rattling earthquake took place.
The 9News sports presenter was on-air speaking to a caller from Safety Beach when the earthquake struck about 9.15am today and the studio started to shake.
WATCH: Moment TV studio rattled by earthquake live on air
“Have we have just had an earth tremor?” Jones said.
“Sorry, we are just having an earth tremor at the moment.
“This is quite disturbing.”
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The caller also said their house was “rocking” from the tremors.
The shock earthquake prompted the newsreader to go to a commercial break.