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National Rugby League 2020 Full Schedule Released


National Rugby League 2020 Full Schedule Released The NRL has released the full 25-round draw for the 2020 season, with mouth watering match-ups across Australia and New Zealand.

Features of the 2020 NRL include scheduling showpiece games for the weekend, more fan-friendly games, a re-jigged Magic Round, fewer five-day turnarounds and an intriguing cross-code double header. .

National Rugby League 2020 Full Schedule Released

Every mainland capital city will host a match, with Perth hosting grand final rematch in round 11.

To see how your team fared, plus other highlights and lowlights, check out our winners and losers for the 2020 NRL draw here.

Read on for everything you need to know about the 2020 NRL season. National Rugby League 2020 Full Schedule Released


You can catch every game of the 2020 NRL season live on Kayo Sports

If you haven’t already, hit the link right here to sign up

Channel Nine will also be the home of the game on free to air TV. 

National Rugby League 2020 Full Schedule Released

Check out the full draw and the highlights of each round below. National Rugby League 2020 Full Schedule Released

NRL 2020: ROUND ONE – MARCH 12-15

Eels v Bulldogs @ Bankwest Stadium, Thursday, March 12, 8.05pm (AEDT).
Raiders v Titans @ GIO Stadium, Friday, March 13, 6.00pm (AEDT).|
Cowboys v Broncos @ Townsville Stadium, Friday, March 13, 8.05pm (AEDT).
Knights v Warriors @ McDonald Jones Stadium, Saturday, March 14, 3.00pm (AEDT).
Rabbitohs v Sharks @ ANZ Stadium, Saturday, March 14, 5.30pm (AEDT).
Panthers v Roosters @ Panthers Stadium, Saturday, March 14, 7.35pm (AEDT).
Sea Eagles v Storm @ Lottoland, Sunday, March 15, 4.05pm (AEDT)
Dragons v Tigers @ WIN Stadium, Sunday, March 15, 6.15pm (AEDT)


– The first game at the Cowboys’ new stadium, which should feature the return of Val Holmes. 
– A good old fashioned Manly-Melbourne clash at Brookie (fine, Lottoland, whatever)

NRL 2020: ROUND TWO – MARCH 19-22

Bulldogs v Cowboys @ ANZ Stadium, Thursday, March 19, 8:05pm
Dragons v Panthers @ Jubilee Stadium, Friday, March 20, 6pm
Broncos v Rabbitohs @ Suncorp Stadium, Friday, March 20, 8:05pm
Warriors v Raiders @ Eden Park, Saturday, March 21, 3pm
Roosters v Sea Eagles @ Central Coast Stadium, March 21, 5:30pm
Sharks v Storm @ Jubilee Stadium, March 21, 7:35pm
Tigers v Knights @ Leichhardt Oval, March 22, 4:05pm
Titans v Eels @ Cbus Super Stadium, March 22, 6:15pm


– Wayne Bennett taking on the Broncos at Suncorp.
– The Warriors’ first home game of the season will be a rare cross-code double header, with a Super Rugby match between the Blues and Brumbies to follow. National Rugby League 2020 Full Schedule Released
– The Roosters on the Central Coast for the first time of the season
– The Sharks at Jubilee for the first time in 2020. 
– Sunday arvo footy at Leichhardt Oval. 


Raiders v Dragons @ GIO Stadium, Thursday, March 26, 8:05pm
Sea Eagles v Warriors @ Lottoland, Friday, March 27, 6pm
Rabbitohs v Roosters @ ANZ Stadium, Friday, March 27, 8:05pm
Sharks v Knights @ Jubilee Stadium, Saturday, March 28, 3pm
Storm v Panthers @ AAMI Park, Saturday, March 28, 5:30pm
Cowboys v Eels @ North Queensland Stadium, March 28, 7:35pm
Wests Tigers v Bulldogs @ Campbelltown Stadium, March 29, 4:05pm
Titans v Broncos @ Cbus Super Stadium, Sunday, March 29 6:15pm


– Our first Rabbits-Roosters encounter of the year
– A Western Sydney derby at Campbelltown.


Storm v Rabbitohs @ AAMI Park, Thursday, April 2, 8:05PM  
Knights v Cowboys @ McDonald Jones Stadium, Friday, April 3, 6:00pm 
Raiders v Sea Eagles @ GIO Stadium, Friday, April 3, 8:05pm
Warriors v Tigers @ Mt Smart, Saturday, April 4, 3:00pm
Bulldogs v Sharks @ ANZ Stadium, Saturday, April 4, 5:30pm
Panthers v Broncos, @ Panthers Stadium, Saturday, April 4, 7:35pm
Eels v Dragons @ Bankwest Stadium, Sunday, April 5, 4:05pm
Roosters v Titans @ SCG, Sunday, April 5, 6:15pm

The Raiders put together the best draw announcement we’ve seen 


Sea Eagles v Knights @ Lottoland, Thursday, April 9, 7:50pm
Rabbitohs v Bulldogs, @ ANZ Stadium, Friday, April 10, 4:05pm
Broncos v Cowboys @ Suncorp, Friday, April 10, 7:55pm
Storm v Titans @ AAMI Park, Saturday, April 11, 5:30pm
Sharks v Roosters @ Jubilee Stadium, Saturday, April 11, 7:35pm
Panthers v Raiders @ Panthers Stadium, Sunday, April 12 4:05pm 
Dragons v Warriors @ WIN Stadium, Sunday, April 12 6:15pm
Tigers v Eels @ Bankwest Stadium, Monday, April 13, 4:05pm

– It’s Easter Weekend, with a game on Monday afternoon. 

NRL 2020: ROUND SIX – APRIL 16-19

Cowboys v Storm @ North Queensland Stadium, Thursday, April 16, 7:50pm 
Sea Eagles v Titans @ Friday, April 17, 6:00pm
Broncos v Sharks @ Suncorp Stadium, Friday, April 17, 7:55pm 
Raiders v Knights @ McDonalds Park (Wagga Wagga), Saturday, April 18, 3:00pm 
Warriors v Roosters @ Mt Smart Stadium, Saturday, April 18, 5:30pm
Bulldogs v Eels @ ANZ Stadium, Saturday April 18, 7:35pm
Rabbitohs v Dragons @ ANZ Stadium, Sunday, April 19, 2:05pm
Panthers v Tigers @ Panthers Stadium, Sunday, April 19, 4:05pm

– Round six marks Canberra’s match in Wagga Wagga. Always a great weekend. 


Sharks v Sea Eagles @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Thursday, April 23, 7:50pm  
Titans v Tigers @ Cbus Super Stadium, Friday, April 24, 6:00pm 
Eels v Broncos @ TIO Stadium, Friday, April 24, 7:55pm 
Dragons v Roosters @ SCG, Saturday, April 25, 4:00pm
Cowboys v Bulldogs @ North Queensland Stadium, Saturday, April 25, 6:00pm 
Storm v Warriors @ AAMI Park, Saturday, April 25, 8:00pm
Raiders v Rabbitohs @ GIO Stadium, Sunday, April 26, 2:05pm
Knights v Panthers @ McDonald Jones Stadium, Sunday, April 26, 4:05pm

– It’s ANZAC Round this weekend.
– The Eels are in Darwin for their match against the Broncos this weekend. 


Tigers v Sharks, Friday, May 1,6:00pm
Sea Eagles v Broncos, Friday, May 1, 8:05pm
Rabbitohs v Knights, Satrday, May 2, 3:00pm
Bulldogs v Raiders, Saturday, May 2, 5:30pm
Roosters v Cowboys, Saturday, May 2, 7:45pm
Warriors v Eels, Sunday, May 3, 1:50pm
Storm v Dragons, Sunday, May 3, 4:05pm
Titans v Panthers, Sunday, May 3, 6:25pm

– Magic Round has been reduced down to three days, to be played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will be a better outcome for fans who attend. 

NRL 2020: ROUND NINE – MAY 7-10

Rabbitohs v Broncos @ ANZ Stadium, Thursday, May 7, 7:50pm  
Warriors v Bulldogs @ Mt Smart, Friday, May 8, 6:00pm
Roosters v Storm @ SCG, Friday, May 8, 7:55pm
Knights v Dragons @ McDonald Jones Stadium, Saturday, May 9, 3:00pm
Tigers v Raiders @ Scully Park, Saturday, May 9, 5:30pm
Cowboys v Titans @ North Queensland Stadium, Saturday, May 9 7:35pm
Panthers v Sharks, @ Carrington Park, Sunday, May 10, 2:05pm
Sea Eagles v Eels @ Lottoland, Sunday, May 10, 4:05pm

– The Tigers are in Tamworth against the Raiders. 

NRL 2020: ROUND 10 – MAY 14-17

Roosters v Knights @ SCG, Thursday, May 14, 7:50pm
Bulldogs v Sea Eagles @ ANZ Stadium, Friday, May 15, 6:00pm
Broncos v Dragons @ Suncorp Stadium, Friday, May 15 7:55pm
Titans v Warriors @ Cbus Super, Saturday, May 16, 3:00pm
Sharks v Cowboys @ Sunshine Coast Stadium, Saturday, May 16, 5:30pm
Storm v Eels @ AAMI Park, Saturday, May 16, 7:35pm
Raiders v Panthers @ GIO Stadium, Sunday, May 17, 2:05pm
Tigers v Rabbitohs @ Leichhardt Oval, Sunday, May 17, 4:05pm

– Homeless this season, the Sharks are taking a game to the Sunshine Coast in Round 10. 

NRL 2020: ROUND 11 – MAY 21-24

Broncos v Bulldogs @ Suncorp, Thursday, May 21, 7:50pm
Dragons v Titans @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Friday, May 22, 6:00pm 
Cowboys v Rabbitohs @ North Queensland Stadium, Friday, May 22, 7:55pm
Warriors v Storm @ Mt Smart Stadium, Saturday, May 23, 3:00pm
Sea Eagles v Tigers @ Central Coast Stadium, Saturday, May 23, 5:30pm 
Roosters v Raiders @ HBF Park, Saturday, May 23, 7:35pm  
Knights v Sharks @ McDonald Jones Stadium, Sunday, May 24, 2:05pm 
Eels v Panthers @ Bankwest Stadium Sunday, May 24 , 4:05pm

– Round 11 is Indigenous Round.
– We’re in Perth for the 2019 NRL Grand Final replay between the Roosters and Raiders. 

NRL 2020: ROUND 12 – MAY 28-31 

Titans v Bulldogs @ Cbus Super Stadium,Thursday, May 28, 7:50pm
Eels v Cowboys @ Bankwest, Friday, May 29, 7:55pm
Knights v Rabbitohs @ McDonald Jones Stadium, Saturday, May 30, 7:35pm
Dragons v Sea Eagles @ WIN Stadium, Sunday, May 31, 4:05pm

– First bye round of the year as we gear up for State of Origin. 

NRL 2020: ROUND 13 – JUNE 5-8

Warriors v Broncos @ Mt Smart Stadium, June 5, 6pm
Sharks v Titans @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, June 5, 7:55pm
Cowboys v Roosters @ North Queensland Stadium, June 6, 3pm
Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles @ ANZ Stadium, June 6, 5:30pm
Storm v Raiders @ AAMI Park, June 6, 7:35pm
Panthers v Knights @ Panthers Stadium, June 7, 2:05pm
Eels v Tigers @ Bankwest Stadium, June 7, 4:05pm
Bulldogs v Dragons @ ANZ Stadium, June 8, 4:05pm

NRL 2020: ROUND 14 – JUNE 11-14

Roosters v Broncos @ SCG, June 11, 7:50pm
Titans v Cowboys @ Cbus Super Stadium, June 12, 6pm
Wests Tigers v Panthers @ Bankwest Stadium, June 12, 7:55pm
Sea Eagles v Bulldogs @ Lottoland, June 13, 3pm
Knights v Storm @ McDonald Jones Stdium, June 13, 5:30pm
Rabbitohs v Eels @ ANZ Stadium, June 13, 7:35pm
Raiders v Warriors @ GIO Stadium, June 14, 2:05pm
Dragons v Sharks @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, June 14, 4:05pm

– Ivan Cleary will once again have to come up against his former side when the Wests Tigers host the Panthers 

– The round ends with a bang as arch rivals Dragons and Sharks face off on Sunday afternoon

NRL 2020: ROUND 15 – JUNE 25-29

Wests Tigers v Dragons @ Bankwest Stadium, June 25, 7:50pm
Panthers v Sea Eagles @ Panthers Stadium, June 26, 6pm
Broncos v Storm @ Suncorp Stadium, June 26, 7:55pm
Warriors v Cowboys @ Sky Stadium, June 27, 3pm
Bulldogs v Rabbitohs @ ANZ Stadium, June 27, 5:30pm
Eels v Sharks @ Bankwest Stadium, June 27, 7:35pm
Knights v Titans @ McDonald Jones Stadium, June 28, 2:05pm
Raiders v Roosters @ GIO Stadium, June 28, 4:05pm

– The Warriors are in Wellington against the Cowboys. 

NRL 2020: ROUND 16 – JULY 2-5

Broncos v Panthers @ Suncorp Stadium, July 2, 7:50pm
Storm v Wests Tigers @ AAMI Park, July 3, 7:55pm
Roosters v Warriors @ SCG, July 4, 7:35pm
Sharks v Raiders @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, July 5, 4:05pm
BYE: Sea Eagles, Knights, Titans, Rabbitohs, Bulldogs, Cowboys, Dragons, Eels

NRL 2020: ROUND 17 – JULY 10-12

Sharks v Panthers @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, July 10, 6pm
Bulldogs v Warriors @ Bankwest Stadium, July 10, 7:55pm
Titans v Storm @ Cbus Super Stadium, July 11, 3pm
Raiders v Broncos @ GIO Stadium, July 11, 5:30pm
Rabbitohs v Wests Tigers @ Bankwest Stadium, July 11, 7:55pm
Roosters v Dragons @ SCG, July 12, 2:05pm
Eels v Sea Eagles @ Bankwest Stadium, July 12, 4:05pm
Cowboys v Knights @ North Queensland Stadium, July 12, 6:15pm

NRL 2020: ROUND 18 – JULY 16-19

Panthers v Rabbitohs @ Panthers Stadium, July 16, 7:50pm
Warriors v Titans @ Mt Smart Stadium, July 17, 6pm
Wests Tigers v Roosters @ Bankwest Stadium, July 17, 7:55pm
Dragons v Cowboys @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, July 18, 3pm
Raiders v Eels @ GIO Stadium, July 18, 5:30pm
Bulldogs v Storm @ HBF Park (Perth), July 18, 7:35pm.
Sea Eagles v Sharks @ Lottoland, July 19, 2:05pm
Knights v Broncos @ McDonald Jones Stadium, July 19, 4:05pm

– Another game in Perth this weekend as the NRL looks west. 

NRL 2020: ROUND 19 – JULY 23-26

Eels v Rabbitohs @ Bankwest Stadium, July 23, 7:50pm
Panthers v Titans @ Panthers Stadium, July 24, 6pm
Storm v Sharks @ AAMI Park, July 24, 7:55pm
Roosters v Bulldogs @ SCG, July 25, 3pm
Broncos v Warriors @ Suncorp Stadium, July 25, 5:30pm
Cowboys v Sea Eagles @ North Queensland Stadium, July 25, 7:35pm
Dragons v Raiders @ WIN Stadium, July 26, 2:05pm
Knights v Wests Tigers @ McDonald Jones Stadium, July 26, 4:05pm

NRL 2020: ROUND 20 – JULY 30-AUGUST 2

Rabbitohs v Storm @ Bankwest Stadium, July 30, 7:50pm
Warriors v Panthers @ Mt Smart Stadium, July 31, 6pm
Broncos v Eels @ Suncorp Stadium, July 31, 7:55pm
Titans v Dragons @ Cbus Super Stadium, August 1, 3pm
Bulldogs v Knights @ Bankwest Stadium, August 1, 5:30pm
Cowboys v Raiders @ North Queensland Stadium, August 1, 7:35pm
Sharks v Wests Tigers @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, August 2, 2:05pm
Sea Eagles v Roosters @ Lottoland, August 2, 4:05pm

NRL 2020: ROUND 21 – AUGUST 6-9

Storm v Cowboys @ AAMI Park, August 6, 7:50pm
Sharks v Bulldogs @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, August 7, 6pm
Panthers v Dragons @ Panthers Stadium, August 7, 7:55pm
Titans v Rabbitohs @ Cbus Super Stadium, August 8, 3pm
Eels v Roosters @ Bankwest Stadium, August 8, 5:30pm
Sea Eagles v Raiders @ Lottoland, August 8, 7:35pm
Warriors v Knights @ Mt Smart Stadium, August 9, 2:05pm
Wests Tigers v Broncos @ Campbelltown Stadium, August 9, 4:05pm

NRL 2020: ROUND 22 – AUGUST 13-16

Panthers v Cowboys @ Panthers Stadium, August 13, 7:50pm
Roosters v Sharks @ SCG, August 14, 6pm
Eels v Storm @ Bankwest Stadium, August 14, 7:55pm
Rabbitohs v Warriors @ Sunshine Coast Stadium, August 15, 3pm
Knights v Sea Eagles @ McDonald Jones Stadium, August 15, 5:30pm
Dragons v Bulldogs @ WIN Stadium, August 15, 7:35pm
Broncos v Titans @ Suncorp Stadium, August 16, 2:05pm
Raiders v Wests Tigers @ GIO Stadium, August 16, 4:05pm

– Round 22 is Women in League Round. 

NRL 2020: ROUND 23 – AUGUST 20-23

Cowboys v Sharks @ North Queensland Stadium, August 20, 7:50pm
Warriors v Sea Eagles @ Mt Smart Stadium, August 21, 6pm
Storm v Roosters @ AAMI Park, August 21, 7.55pm
Dragons v Eels @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, August 22, 3pm
Rabbitohs v Raiders @ Central Coast Stadium, August 22, 5:30pm
Broncos v Knights @ Suncorp Stadium, August 22, 7:35pm
Wests Tigers v Titans @ Campbelltown Stadium, August 23, 2:05pm
Bulldogs v Panthers @ Bankwest Stadium, August 23, 4:05pm

NRL 2020: ROUND 24 – AUGUST 27-30

Sharks v Dragons @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, August 27, 7:50pm
Eels v Knights @ Bankwest Stadium, August 28, 6pm
Roosters v Rabbitohs @ SCG, August 28, 7.55pm
Bulldogs v Wests Tigers @ Bankwest Stadium, August 29, 3pm
Cowboys v Warriors @ North Queensland Stadium, August 29, 5:30pm
Storm v Broncos @ AAMI Park, August 29, 7:35pm
Titans v Raiders @ Cbus Super Stadium, August 30, 2:05pm
Sea Eagles v Panthers @ Lottoland, August 30, 4:05pm

– The Dragons will be in the unique position of being the away team at Jubilee when they face the Sharks

NRL 2020: ROUND 25 – SEPTEMBER 3-6

Dragons v Rabbitohs @ WIN Stadium, September 3, 7:50pm
Wests Tigers v Cowboys @ Leichhardt Oval, September 4, 6pm
Broncos v Roosters @ Suncorp Stadium, September 4, 7:55pm
Sharks v Warriors @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, September 5, 3pm
Titans v Sea Eagles @ CBUS Super Stadium, September 5, 5:30pm
Raiders v Storm @ GIO Stadium, September 5, 7:35pm
Knights v Bulldogs @ McDonald Jones Stadium, September 6, 2:05pm
Panthers v Eels @ Panthers Stadium, September 6, 4:05pm

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