Queensland’s seven new COVID-19 cases all in isolation

Queensland has recorded seven new local COVID-19 cases, all linked to the Indooroopilly cluster in the state's south-east.
All of the cases have been in isolation throughout their infectious periods.
It brings the total number of cases linked to the Indooroopilly cluster to 137.
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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk noted a number of today's positive cases have tested positive on days 10, 11 and 12 of their isolation periods, demonstrating the importance of adhering to the full 14 days of isolation.
There has also been one case in an overseas traveller in hotel quarantine.
Ms Palaszczuk described the figures as great news but once again expressed her concern about how the New South Wales clusters “are continuing to expand”.
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The premier will be meeting with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian along with the prime minister and other state a..

Victoria records 15 new infections

Victoria has recorded 15 new local coronavirus cases amid warnings the number of mystery infections across Melbourne are preventing the state from easing lockdown.
Four of today's cases are still under investigation and eleven are linked to current outbreaks, with just eight in quarantine throughout their infectious periods.
A commendable 40,737 Victorians came out for testing yesterday, but president of the Australian Medical Association of Victoria warned it's mystery cases that are of the “greatest concern”.
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“Anytime there's a mystery case, it's indicating that there's somebody out there that is spreading COVID-19,” Roderick McRae told Today.
“They may not be symptomatic, they may be mildly symptomatic, they are clearly not attending for testing and they are transmitting the virus. It's of great concern.
“While we have these unaccounted for and mystery cases, it just is not sa..

Pubs, restaurants could open for fully vaccinated patrons in weeks

Thousands of Sydneysiders are waking to tougher restrictions this morning, after three more council areas were plunged into a stricter coronavirus lockdown.
A COVID-19 alert has also been issued for the state's vaccination hub at Sydney Olympic Park for Tuesday, potentially affecting thousands of Year 12 students.
Bayside, Burwood and Strathfield have been added to the newly classified areas of high concern, where exercise and shopping is now limited to just five kilometres from home.
An additional 265,000 people live in the council areas.
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Authorities are also looking closely at the nearby Inner West and Camden, south of Sydney, which are at risk of becoming included after traces of the virus was found in sewerage.
Ninety per cent of the NSW population is now in lockdown.
But there is hope on the horizon for the struggling hospitality sector, with NSW Health in talks to allow..

Award winning game ‘Hades’ gets next-gen release

One of the biggest video games of 2020 has been given a huge upgrade and is being released on PlayStation and Xbox today.
The new console and physical releases of Hades boast upgraded visuals and new experiences for players.
9News went hands-on with the new version of Hades before its release to see what's new and how it stacks up on the new-gen consoles.
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For those new to Hades, you play as the Prince of the Underworld, Zagerus, on a mission to escape your father's clutches and retreat to the land of the gods, Mount Olympus.
The gods assist you along the way, offering special power-ups to aid your fight. But when you die, you must return to the realm of Hades and start over again — hence the roguelike genre.
Each escape attempt you gather various materials that can be used to upgrade Zagerus, making it that little bit easier the next time you step foot in the dungeon.
An indie game at heart, Hades was crowned..

Eighteen cases in ‘devastating’ Sydney special education school outbreak

Eighteen positive cases have been confirmed in a coronavirus outbreak that has closed a Sydney school for children and young adults with autism and been described as “absolutely devastating”.
New South Wales Health on Thursday revealed three staff members, seven students and eight family members associated with Gladesville's Giant Steps school were infected, less than a week after the first cases were notified on August 5.
“NSW Health is working with the school, which is closed, to support students, their families and staff in isolation,” the department said, in a statement.
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https://twitter.com/NicRogerson/status/1425727765215518728Autism Awareness Australia said the figures were “absolutely devastating news”.
“Our thoughts are with the children, staff and families during such a difficult time,” the organisation tweeted.
“The Federal Government needs to step up their game, now. These are our most vulnerab..

Alleged fake Melbourne quarantine officer charged with demanding sex acts

A man accused of attempting to trick victims into performing lewd acts by posing as an officer performing home quarantine checks in Melbourne has been charged.
Abdulfatah Awow, 25, handed himself in on Thursday afternoon, police said.
The Carlton man was the subject of a manhunt for almost a month, following allegations he was posing as an authorised officer in order to threaten women into agreeing to his sexual advances.
It is alleged that the man called a woman on her mobile, then arrived on her doorstep half an hour later to conduct a “random check”.
He allegedly showed her a document with her personal details on it and asked to inspect the property before repeatedly asking for her to perform lewd acts.
The woman reported the alleged incident to police and the Department of Health.
Victoria's Department of Health is investigating a potential information leak that led to the man allegedly gaining the personal details of the woman.
On Thursday night, Victoria Police said Mr Awow ..

Family dog saves young woman during home invasion

A young woman has detailed the terrifying moment she was confronted by two masked bandits while she was home alone in Perth's south-east.
Ally Holdcroft was inside her Byford home 10 days ago when she heard her dog Harley barking outside.
When she went to check what had upset the dog, the 20-year-old was confronted by a masked man and woman who threatened her with weapons.
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“They had their hammers up in the air, stood still and attempted to get me to keep quiet,” Ms Holdcroft told 9News.
She said the woman then lunged at her with the hammer, forcing her to run for her life.
“As soon as she did that I just turned and sprinted.”
Police commended Ms Holdcroft's decision to make a run for it, with discarded cable ties found in her yard suggesting the situation could have been much worse.
“Because no one else was around me, if I had screamed inside – I would have been at home in my bed and they would have come in and I woul..

Single ticket wins $80 million Powerball jackpot

A single entry has won the entire $80 million Powerball jackpot in tonight's draw.
Lottery officials The Lott said only one ticket had the correct combination to claim the top prize.
The winning numbers of Draw No.1317 on Thursday, August 12 were 17, 10, 4, 26, 19, 23, 21, and the Powerball was 7.
https://twitter.com/theLott/status/1425770115677626369It's not yet known which part of the country the winning entry was bought.
There were 13 second division winners, who each will claim $109,858.60 from the total division pool of 1,428,161.80.
More to come.

Nazi memorabilia to be included in upcoming Gold Coast auction

A Gold Coast auctioneer criticised for including pieces of Nazi memorabilia in an upcoming sale insists the items have historical value.
Dozens of pieces of World War II memorabilia including pins and propaganda will be among other antiquities and relics going under the hammer in Miami on Saturday.
The Anti-Defamation Commission has run a long campaign demanding Queensland ban the sale of such items.
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“If Hitler was alive today he would be thanking Danielle Elizabeth Auctions for glorifying his horrible crimes,” commission Chairman and Jewish studies academic Dr Dvir Abramovich said.
“It made it easier for the Nazis to send them to deathcamps like Auchwitz.
“It is beyond sickening that anyone would turn a profit from these devil's tools.”
The items are being sold on behalf of an 85-year-old who began his collection while living in Germany during the war.
“It's not illegal so we don't discrimin..